Message from the Steering Committee Co-Chairs

As co-chairs, we would like to thank the members of the steering committee, listed below, who provided advice and guidance regarding this community consultation event as well as the Addressing Anti-Black Racism at Temerty Medicine Accountability Report.

Steering Committee Co-Chairs: Dr. Onye Nnorom and Ike Okafor

Steering Committee members: Yohanna Asghedom, Anita Balakrishna, Semir Bulle, Lina El-Faki, Ritika Goel, Cynthia Maxwell, Beverley Osei, Oluwatoni Oyewole-Eletu, Jerusha Retnakanthan, Paula Rowland, Helen Teklemariam

Project support: Paul Tonin

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the internal and external partners who have and continue to inform efforts at Temerty Medicine and elsewhere, including the Black Medical Students’ Association of Canada, U of T Black Medical Students’ Association, Black Physicians’ Association of Ontario, Black Resident Physicians of Ontario, Black Health Alliance, Black Health Education Collaborative, and Black community health centre leaders.

The actions summarized at this event and in the accountability report reflect the strong commitment of Temerty Medicine faculty, learners and staff, past and present. It is our hope that through continuous public reporting and participatory design we will be able to enhance Black experiences within our institution, and encourage all public-serving institutions to adopt processes that center and act on the voices of the communities they serve.

Finally, we would like to thank the team from Continuing Professional Development (Renice Jones, Chris Chipman and Trevor Cuddy) for their support in organizing this corresponding community consultation event, designed to provide a space for members of the Black medical education community and allies to discuss and provide feedback about actions taken as well as potential next steps to address anti-Black racism across the continuum of medical education at Temerty Medicine.